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Measuring for Zaldi Saddles Measuring for Zaldi Saddles

Zaldi Saddle Tree Sizes

To measure your horse for a Zaldi saddle, simply measure 8 1/4 inches (21 cm) down on each side of your wither tracing, then measure across to get the tree size. Multiply inches by 2.54 to get centimeters, the result is the tree size.

To make a wither tracing -

Find a large piece of paper, at least about 12" x 14", and draw a vertical line down the middle of it.

Stand your horse up squarely on a flat surface with his head in a relaxed position.

Using a firm but bendable wire at least 16.5 inches long, place it over your horses back where the front edge of the saddle should lie. Some use wire from a wire coat hanger, though a drafting or artists curve works best. It needs to be firm enough to not lose the shape when removed.

Mold the curve to your horses back where the front edge of the saddle will sit, making sure that the center of the curve is over the center of his spine.

Remove the curve and place it on the paper. Line up the center over the vertical line and trace the inside of the curve on the paper. Be very careful to not change the shape of the curve.

From the vertical line in the center, measure 8 1/4" along the curve you have drawn and make a mark with your pen/pencil. Do this for both sides, then simply measure across to get the tree size.

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